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What is ESTHER?

The model origins from Region Jönköping in Sweden where it has been developed over the last 20 years.

It is best described as a culture where we ensure that our residents, who we refer to as ESTHERs, and families are true partners in planning and delivering care. 
The purpose is to move from doing things for ESTHER to doing things with ESTHER. Always delivering care that is not only safe and meet the assessed needs but also make sure we listen to what matters to each individual ESTHER and enhance their quality of life by including their wishes and preferences in the care.
ESTHER is built on collaboration between caregivers and we are therefore very pleased to see the culture being implemented across Kent County Council (KCC) and other care facilities in East Kent too.
Another core value of ESTHEER is to work with continuous quality improvement from ESTHER’s point of view.

How do we work?

All staff members are offered the ESTHER Ambassador training as part of the induction program. This is a 2 hour session to get basic knowledge in how to work in the ESTHER culture.

We also run ESTHER Coach trainings for staff members who show great interest in making resident’s life better, who are keen to make improvements and move forward.
Training includes knowledge around improvement resident’s participation and methods of measuring outcome of improvements. All coaches will make an improvement project during the training.
Posters about ESTHER improvements and other activities will regularly be displayed at the Home.

We currently have coaches on Ground Floor, Eden Suite, Phoenix Suite, Social assistants, Reception and House Keeping
You will recognise the coaches from their Coach Polos and their yellow Coach badges.

To learn from resident and families experiences we hold ESTHER cafés, where we invite you all as well as staff and representatives from our partners in KCC, NHS and volunteers to meet and discuss improvement opportunities over a cup of tea or coffee.

If you want to know more about ESTHER or attend an Ambassador training, please contact any Coach or our ESTHER Co-ordinator Anna Carlbom

ESTHER Coach Helen – Kent, UK

ESTHER Coach Wendy – Kent, UK